Who's going to tell us what's natural?

Remember when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad and told us all that it feels totally unnatural to reach out and touch your laptop screen?

How many times since then have you, after extensive tablet use, tried to touch your laptop screen? I just did it the other night, and was shocked when it didn't respond.

I remain convinced that the next version of OSX will support touch-screen iMacs, perhaps even touch-screen Macbooks. Until the news last month, I had planned on watching Steve some day tell us just how natural it is that we should be touching our Mac's screen. (Reality distortion field in full effect)

Now I wonder who it is at Apple who can pull that kind of a switch on us. Who at Apple will be up on stage contradicting what Steve told us less than two years ago? If it was Steve who was telling us, we would've swallowed it whole.

Who at Apple can contradict Steve like that, without batting an eyelash, the way (only?) Steve could?

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