Windows8 Contracts

Just wanted to point out that Windows8 Contracts are very similar to my original idea for circumventing Multi-Tasking in iOS.

I don't think it's such a brand new idea, it's kinda fundamental in OOP, but still I'm glad someone is doing this. It's a great move. Contracts would really empower iOS, wish Apple was doing it. Wish it wasn't Microsoft in a hybrid desktop/tablet OS though. I'd prefer if they rewrote windows and threw out most of the Windows part.

To be honest I think they'd prefer that as well, but if they made a move like that they'd alienate too many people and throw the company into a seemingly very risky move. By claiming they aren't taking windows off life-support they're buying time until everyone is convinced they can pull off the new tablet-focused OS -- at which point I do hope they shuffle off the dead skin that is windows 7 and under.

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  1. Contracts do look fantastic. I'm trying to find a definitive list of them, any ideas?

    I'm hoping contracts mean that Lastpass (www.lsatpass.com) will still work given that add-ins won't be allowed in the metro version of IE10.