The TV as just a big screen

That kind of sums up Apple's new approach to AppleTV. In terms of AppleTV I'm for it. My mother in law just got rid of her old sattelliteTV contract in favor of going it alone with AppleTV. But she's got the last model of the AppleTV -- too complicated to use easily. It's hard for her to get it to do what she would like.

This new Apple approach where basically if you've got your iPhone or iPod lying around you just stream media from it to the TV is a great idea. One of my biggest problems is getting media on to her AppleTV for her -- either detach it and walk it over to a computer, or plug in a USB Flash drive. (the better option, but I think that's only available if you jailbreak your AppleTV)

Being able to sync whatever movies/TV she might want to watch onto her iphone or my iphone or my wife's iphone and then just stream it to the TV is really cool. It totally solves the media transfer problem.

Just a real-life practical example of what is nice about this new approach to TV that apple is going for.

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