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With so many people clamoring for a dislike button, you've got to wonder why facebook hasn't caved yet.

Still I think we just don't get it. Like is just a placeholder. It means the same thing as ReTweet or Share. What would be the opposite of sharing? Not sharing, not retweeting?

I happen to like the way this socially active web is developing. It follows pretty closely along one of the two major styles of self-improvement: There is the style of elimination, finding every single problematic thing and rooting it out. The opposite style, and the far more productive one to my mind, is through encouragement; focusing on the positive aspects and trying to repeat and improve them. Think of it as rewarding success rather than punishing failure.

If the social web continues along it's current path I think it's a net gain for everyone. Stop wasting your time deriding junk and start cultivating good taste.

I'd rather see a realtime stream of great content than an endless flow of dislikes. Remember it's far easier to create junk than to create something worthwhile. The dislikes would always outnumber the likes.

Let's focus on the good stuff until no one bothers to acknowledge the bad. Everyone will be better off.

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