the kids today..are all bored

Consider life in an agrarian society. The whole family needs to pitch in if you are going to have any kind of tolerable existence. The more children a family has, the more hands it has to help with all the work a farm creates.

Compare that to modern society. Most of the physical labor required for society to persist is either farmed out to technological devices or to paid workers. There isn't much we need to do in order to subsist, aside from some minor chores and a couple of 9-5 jobs to bring in the monthly paycheck. Children become, to the shortsighted, little more than a liability. They cost money but legally aren't really allowed to bring in any income for the family. (read: child labor) At best you need to basically corral your children through highschool, before they can really contribute in a more meaningful way. Which means kids for the first 18 years of their lives are mainly involved in avoiding boredom.

Of course you can get creative and give them the drive to pursue all kinds of interesting and character-building goals while they're still in the k12 academic cycle, but that takes extra time and energy on the part of the parents.

No wonder Europe all but stopped reproduction. No wonder teenagers are so often rebellious.

Society needs to find acceptable ways for children to contribute while they're still kids other than through bringing home good report cards. That's what boy/girl scouts and little league are all about, but is that enough anymore?

We're all maturing more slowly because the real-life responsibilities are getting pushed back by technology. Not to mention the ultimate responsibility, kids, is being pushed back altogether because they've become more of a burden to their more childish parents.

Technology is truly marvelous and magical, but it puts more of a burden on us to make our lives more meaningful and rewarding with the extra leisure time it creates. If we don't step up to that challenge, we all end emotionally and developmentally obese.


  1. It's why we should all have vegetable gardens in the back. Better food, cheaper, and gives the kids something to do in the summer besides video games!

  2. Hey Cj, thanks for the comment, good point, very true, yet once again it requires our being inventive to recover the natural benefits of an older lifestyle. (also try growing a vegetable garden out your kitchen window four flights up in Jerusalem, you really need a green thumb!)