iOS 6 - First Impressions

  1. iOS upgraded itself while I was sleeping - an entire new version was installed on my phone when I woke up. No headache. No questions. No nothing. That is cool. My 3-year old could upgrade iOS.
  2. All of my apps maintained state -- down to exactly what I had last typed into a search box, or what page I was on. (Even apps that automatically load a different default page when they are closed from the app switcher and re-opened.)
  3. In short, everything was completely smooth, no computer was used in the upgrading of iPhone or iPad. No effort was expended. 
  4. The new dialer is ugly. I mean Windows 95, MS NetMeeting ugly. Steve would be rolling in his grave if he hadn't been incinerated by his nearest and dearest.
  5. The share sheets also look ugly, I can't put my finger exactly on why they're ugly, but something just looks off.
  6. Everything else is visually nice. Somehow with very little change to all the basic functionality, my phone feels new again. Not sure how they did it, but the status bar changing colors contributed a lot to this feeling. They've definitely paid attention to little things like that.

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