Generational filters on social networks

Maybe I'm just getting old. (Or rather, yes, I'm constantly getting older, as are we all.)

When I join a new social network, a lot of the noise can be from people younger than me, or even sometimes people older than me.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could specify a generational filter that would let you see what people your own age were up to on facebook, twitter, or more to the point, content generation sites like wattpad?

Yeah, I know it sounds ageist. I'm not trying to say we have to enforce age filters, or that people can't declare themselves whatever age they want, but the point is, to be able to narrow down your social results by age would probably be an extremely helpful tool. (Just like filtering search results that are older than one day, one week, or one year.)

I don't really want to watch all of the teenage drama unfold as it inevitably does, and those same teens probably don't want to watch videos of my 1 month old any more than they want to see vids of my 3 year old.

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