Xoom vs. iPad 2

Got to play with them both today and they're both cool, but:

  1. The Xoom feels like the iPad did a year ago, a lot of potential but no clear direction how to access and make use of all that potential.
  2. Xoom's UI feels too small too empty for the screen real estate
  3. iPad 2 is so polished, definitely a generation ahead of the Xoom. 
  4. With the iPad 2, it's already clear what you will be able to do with it, and it does a great job of exposing those capabilities, much more compelling than the original iPad, mainly because of the ecosystem that grew around the iPad 1, and more importantly the crowd consciousness of the ecosystem.
  5. Xoom will make people happy, and it will find it's niche uses within the next year or so, 2nd generation will be a real contender. because it's already a contender performance-wise, there won't be such a big gap between iPad 3 and Xoom 2, hardware-wise. 
  6. The ecosystem will really make or break the competition between iPad 3 and Xoom 2 class devices when they arrive.
Summary: I'm liking the future of the computer industry. Make no mistake, this is where the entire computer industry is going, it'll only take one human generation to get there. Tablets offer so much superiority in the way of immersive interface paradigms that we're only beginning to take advantage of.

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