Playbook won't walk the walk

I don't really have a reputation to stake on it, but I'll stick my foot in my mouth anyways..

The from all the noise, smoke, and mirrors they are creating around the RIM Playbook, it's clearly going to disappoint when it hits the market. They should do less marketing and just ship it, let the users speak for it if it really is so great.

However, if it's just another half-thought-out solution for the 'tablet computing' space, then you might as well cancel the program now and not ship.

It's hard to make a case that the enterprise NEEDS tablet computing, and the enterprise is really the only market RIM still holds.

People, end users, need tablets for consuming and creating media, but the enterprise is usually situated in front of a desk, with a, how do I say this? desktop pc sitting there on that desktop.

If you want to make the case for niches within the enterprise then there is a small market for secure, remotely administrable tablet computing. (Real Estate, Hospitals, Inventory)

Don't get me wrong Tablets and touch interfaces are where the future is going, and people will want them, but the enterprise doesn't gain a major advantage by heavily embracing them, instead they create a problem of more portable, concealable assets each one of which poses a risk of 'accidentally' outing confidential enterprise data.

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