The web's a'changin

A good friend of mine, and a phenomenal web design wonder, has all but switched careers. It makes sense, the web design market is so saturated that it's clearly become a commodity. The majority of businesses still don't realize how important it is to pay good money for good web design. At the same time, Instapaper, Readability, and Safari Reader are all making short work of any bad webdesign being done today.

The web is, I hope, starting to focus on content, finding that content, accessing that content, and passing that content on. It's my hope that as we cut out the bad design we will equally learn to cut out the empty content and focus on that which has real meat. I imagine it's still got to get worse before it gets better regarding content, but at least the empty content won't look as garish on the screen.

In any case, I was thinking wow, Microsoft even saw this coming with their new typography is everything Windows Phone 7. Then I saw what it actually looked like, at least for now. They just don't get usability even if they can see where market forces are trending.

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