killer app or stupid idea?

What if someone developed an iPhone/iPad app simulator that ran apps as web-apps. That way, if you designed for the App store and got rejected, you could still cash in on your investment of time and energy with alternative options?

It would also solve the problem of not having convenient tools to design HTML5+CSS3 webapps.


  1. Killer general migration idea: what if someone just wrote their own Cocoa Touch/UIKit implementation for all kinds of platforms? Developers would just be able to retarget their app for different devices. The existence of Apple's restrictions about not using undocumented APIs only makes this even more attractive, as it makes the idea even more realistic to implement.

    Killer general migration idea semi-killer: Doing so would be a huge undertaking, so likely the only way to accomplish such a thing would be for someone with a vested interest and a lot of manpower to direct (e.g., Google with respect to Android with the Native Development Kit).

    Killer general migration idea absolute killer: Apple/NeXT has a lot of patents that would cover just writing your own implementation of their APIs (or your emulator), including a few that translate roughly to "Using the paradigms of Objective-C."

  2. so basically "stupid idea" was the short answer. thanks!! :)


  3. First, not a bad idea but it exists.

    Second, all the tools you need for "HTML5+CSS3 webapps", is a text editor.

    I have written two articles about writing apps for the iPhone in HTML.



    Third, even if you still want your webapp to be portable, and native all at the same time there are things like

    PhoneGap: http://www.phonegap.com/
    and titanium
    Titanium from appcelerator: http://www.appcelerator.com/

    so keep pluggin

  4. @Void
    thanks a lot for the info!

    nothing makes me happy than finding out someone else already implemented a good idea and i can just use it, without all the perspiration ;)