The App Store and the Eighty-Twenty rule.

I tweeted it, but I thought it warranted a post. 

The App store with all of its chaos and uncertainty turns the world on its head: Apple is making developer's lives difficult and user's lives easy.

With Microsoft it's always the opposite, making developer's lives easier at the expense of user's suffering.

When you download an app from App store, it just works.

It's simple 80/20 math when you think about it, an app submission may take a few uploads etc. But that app will then be downloaded hundreds, thousands, or millions of times. The difficulty should be in getting the app into the App store, not getting it working once you get it out of the App store.

Apple caters to the user.

[Sure that flies in the face of their lack of ubiquitous sync -- I hope that's only because they haven't settled on the perfect way to do sync yet.]

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