on losing fluency

There's a great couple of articles here on what's wrong with programming today: (the second is a follow-up to the first)
What ever happened to programming, and here's the Redux. This quote pretty much sums it up:

We talk about ‘flow’ quite a lot in software and I just have to wonder what’s happening to us all in that respect. Just like a conversation becomes stilted if the speakers keep having to refer to their phrasebooks and dictionaries, I wonder how much longer it will be possible to retain any sort of flowful state when writing software. Might the idea of mastery disappear forever under a constant torrent of new tools and technologies?
That’s it exactly.
On its face, this sounds very rational and correct, but I suspect there is something more sinister behind it all: Aging. These are developers who have a ton of experience and are getting old. They look backwards at the ease they once felt at assimilating all of the myriad technologies of their day and lament their inability to absorb the growing plethora of technologies available today and fear the overwhelming hoards of technologies coming tomorrow.

I'm only sensitive to this issue because I'm moving on in years myself (age 32) and am forever curious at what point I wont be able to keep up, no matter how flexible I imagine my mind to be.

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