Using Dropbox as CVS

For my own coding projects it would be nice to have a CVS to keep track of my various projects, progress i've made in their development, and historical file versions to see what I changed over time, in case I come back to a project and don't know why something doesn't compile or what the latest changes were intended to do.

Of course, not many people are organized enough or want the overhead of managing a CVS installation just for themselves. Instead lately I've been happy to use Dropbox as my CVS.

I've been developing some Google AppEngine apps lately and the one thing that drives me crazy is that I can't develop on Google's servers, only upload my code once I'm happy with it. Since I'm used to using a number of different computers, this is less than convenient.

Now, I just put my project directories in my dropbox, and viola, not only is my code accessible from anywhere, but as a nice added bonus, Dropbox keeps track of historical versions as well.

So, I get a poor-man's CVS, and cross-computer synchronization of all my code, for freeeeeee... :)

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